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Climbing Truind:Rocky Balboa vs Kid A mashup

My son hiked 11 hours to conquer a mountain. I have that kind of unabashed man-pride in him that he did something very physical. He is a very cerebral and emotional kid, but seems to be able to turn a switch on and accomplish very physical things with surprising ease. I am sure I could not have […]

Losing a camera bag in delhi, trust 101.

So it turns out Delhi is an amazing place for a lot of fun things. Here’s a modest sampling of possibilities…. Seeing layers of entire civilizations tossed like a salad and driven over. Rat Watching. It’s like bird watching, only not as colorful. Catching glimpses of zoo animals walking around a city, attached to various modes of transportation. […]

Snake-men, cheesecake and the conundrum of child labor.

Don’t think for a minute that I haven’t noticed the six month gap in posting.  I took a tiny break from anything and everything that wasn’t Goa. It became a kind of chrysalis for me, a place of transformation. Only with dolphins and felafel and beaches inside of it. Now that I am in North […]

More Answers

thatchick (I know who you are, thatchick- you can’t fool me with a pseudonym!) wants to know how I will babyproof my kitchen. A better question might be, How are you going to toddler-proof your kitchen? Yesterday, because that was when you needed to. The answer, however, is that I’m not all that into baby-proofing. […]


“What’s up with that cross in your yard?” Goa used to be largely Catholic, until lately, when people moved here from all over the country.  Even now there is a large Goan Catholic population and our neighborhood is mostly Catholic.  Although there is a Hindu temple close by. So the cross has nothing to do […]

How to move from one village to another

First you need a friend to hold the baby.  This is very important.  Nothing will be accomplished without a baby holder. Then you need a Goods Carrier.  If you don’t have a lot of things, a three-wheeler will do. Horn OK Please.  India’s one traffic rule.  Or, at least, the one that everyone follows. You […]

In the Market

Today we brought the whole family to the market in the town nearby.  The market is like a large, delapidated, crumbling, dirty mall, made up of hundreds of tiny shops.  Anything you are looking for, anything to be found in this town, you can find in this market.  You just have to know where to […]

Diapers here

I can’t remember the last time that Solo pooped in a diaper.  It must have been three weeks ago, I guess. This is because he poops in a bowl. Yes, in a bowl. I’ve always wanted to work on infant potty-training, or elimination communication, or go diaper free.  In the West, it has many different […]

Things I am loving right now

1. The looks on the Leafy Boy’s face when he’s watching his baby brother. This one… and this one. 2. Our new van!  We finally got one!  I was just talking to my mom the other day and she asked me if we’d managed to find a van yet.  I told her no, it’s been […]

The story of Chin and Rae in India

So many people have asked about what in Kentucky we are doing in India, and here I answer this question.  All bloggers are always balancing openness and the need for privacy, and so I have written as much as I feel comfortable sharing.  If you have more questions you can email me at journeymama[at]gmail[dot]com, and […]

Jaya Part Two: Consciousness vs. Culture

It’s part of living here, I’m coming to see.  The question of consciousness vs. culture. When Jaya first started working with us, or, when we first started living with her, when we moved into this house, I was never sure of myself.  I knew that her last employer, an Indian woman, had completely different methods […]